We know process manufacturing data.
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improve your insight.


Accelerating data insights to optimize business outcomes.

“Black swan” events are random and unexpected. For process manufacturers, unpredictable events can carry a significant impact on business outcomes. We help empower organizations with the right data, in the right context, to eliminate unexpected events and achieve full insight into operational performance.

Swan-Black is an operating affiliate of GS Systems, Inc. We leverage more than 30 years of experience with automation solutions and batch and continuous manufacturing processes. From a single US-based site to multi-national site installs, our customer success program provides value to bring sustainable, scalable, and profitable business outcomes to your organization.

With advanced analytics, we make the unknown obvious.

The days of manually sorting through multiple spreadsheets of operational data to make connections and gain insight are over. With Swan-Black and advanced analytics, immediately get the answers you’ve been looking for to make decisions that will enhance profitability, efficiency, and production outcomes.

No more "going with your gut."
Make data-backed decisions you can trust.