Process manufacturers are revolutionizing
their operations with advanced data analytics.

It’s your turn.

Accelerating data insights to optimize business outcomes.

“Black swan” events are random and unexpected. For process manufacturers, unpredictable events can carry a significant impact on business outcomes. We help empower operations with the right data, in the right context, to eliminate unexpected events and achieve full insight into operational performance. Here are some highlights of what’s included in our process:

Team Approach

No one knows your business or process like you do, but our team understands your data. As an extension of your internal team, we leverage our industry experience and advanced analytics expertise to provide a unique outside perspective on how to accelerate your team to insight.


One size certainly does not fit all. Regardless of your business or process, we help put data behind your intuitions. We help deliver solutions that are fit specifically to your needs and with true scalability—enabling you to effectively start small and grow as needed.

Quality and Expertise

For more than 30 years, our team has provided process manufacturers with advanced analytics consulting services and project delivery to help you better understand what happened, why it happened, and predict what may happen in the future.

With advanced analytics, we make the unknown obvious.

The days of manually sorting through multiple spreadsheets of operational data to make connections and gain insight are over. With Swan-Black and advanced analytics, immediately get the answers you’ve been looking for to make decisions that will enhance profitability, efficiency, and production outcomes.

Partner with Swan-Black,
and get data insights that can

transform your operation.

Are you ready to accelerate your team’s time to insight? We’re here to help you develop a next-level advanced analytics experience to transform your operations, including:

  • Optimizing decision-making through efficient monitoring and control
  • Ensuring safe and profitable manufacturing operations
  • Maximizing return on operational assets
  • Eliminating the chances of high-impact, unexpected events

Contact us today. Our team is equipped and ready to dive into your business processes and workflows, so we can lead you to a whole new world of operational excellence.


No more “going with your gut.”
Make data-backed decisions you can trust.