We know process manufacturing data.
We’re driven to
improve your insight.

Our team partners with the top data technology solution providers and offers expert consulting and training.

Seeq Workbench Feature
Seeq Workbench Feature

Swan-Black is an operating affiliate of GS Systems and leverages over 30 years of experience with batch and continuous manufacturing and automation solutions by providing a unique focus on advanced data analytics.

Our team collaborates with customers, aligning our advanced analytics expertise with your domain knowledge and organizational objectives; empowering you to make informed business decisions and better prepare for the future.

Maximize efficiency

Utilize predictive analytics

Improve profitability

Customize analyses to your operational needs

The Products We Deliver

We’re trained experts, ready to become your partners on the journey to advanced analytics.

The products we deliver are handpicked, solely based on the quality they provide to process manufacturing operations. We learn them from top to bottom and provide consulting, implementation, and support services you can trust.

Team Strategy

We become an extended part of your internal team, making sure that each step of the process is specifically geared towards your operational needs.

Harmonious Implementation

Your data is invaluable, and we ensure that it’s implemented into an advanced analytics platform accurately, logically, and efficiently.

Ongoing Training

As your team becomes more familiar with advanced analytics, we provide ongoing support to help you utilize the technology to its full potential.

Are you ready to experience the world of advanced analytics?