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Bioscience company Chr. Hansen was in need of a way to better access multiple production data sources, including their time series process information, to generate golden batch profiles for optimal culture development and to analyze clean-in-place (CIP) processes for improved anomaly detection.

For years, they were using a custom, internally-developed application to accomplish these goals, but one that did not allow for repeatable golden batch analysis or reliable CIP evaluation. This meant more time spent aggregating data and lost opportunity for improvement during harvesting and fermentation. Chr. Hansen was missing out on valuable insights and the potential for optimized performance.

After implementation of advanced analytics with Swan-Black, Chr. Hansen is able to achieve and enhance more consistent operation. The team is now creating golden batch profiles consistently and can easily replicate this procedure for new cultures in mere hours instead of months, as well as utilizing reliable CIP evaluations. Read the case study to learn how.

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“It took only three to four months to implement...something that the company was talking about for several years.”
- Process Chemist at Chr. Hansen