Leveraging Advanced Analytics with Swan-Black and Seeq’s Software

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Our team equips your operations with advanced analytics fit for your business.

Seeq Workbench Feature
Seeq Workbench Feature

Seeq’s advanced analytics application enables your team to rapidly investigate and share operational analyses from disparate data sources. The technology works across all process manufacturing verticals utilizing time-series data in historians or other storage solutions.

Combining innovations in machine learning and big data, the technology provides easy-to-use features for process teams to interact with time-series data, completely eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional analysis methods. Accelerate continuous improvement at your operation with Swan-Black and Seeq.

Search your data

Add context

Cleanse, model, and find patterns

Establish boundaries

Monitor assets

Collaborate in real-time

Swan-Black is thrilled to be named Seeq's 2022 Partner of the Year for the Americas!

“The Seeq solution and the team’s support of our efforts empower us to deliver meaningful process data insights for our customers, leading to increased process efficiency and optimization. We look forward to our continued partnership with Seeq and the value it will bring our customers well into the future.”

- Joe Gardner, Principal, Swan-Black

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Seeq Partner of the Year 2021

Our Credentials with Seeq


Our experts establish a smooth implementation.

With Swan-Black, you’ll have support that you can rely on throughout the entire process of implementing and using Seeq’s advanced analytics at your operation.

Understand Your Processes

Our team will meet with you to understand your business workflows and set up Seeq’s application to accommodate your needed functionality.

Connect to Your Data Sources

We make sure that all of your time-series data will be pulling into the application accurately and reliably, generating and providing your team with actionable insights.

Continuous Training and Refinement

We provide ongoing support and training for your team as you explore more of the capabilities within advanced analytics.


Ready to learn more about leading your team to a whole new world of insight with Seeq?