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Seeq Training

Swan-Black is pleased to provide customers with continuing education to maximize the value of their advanced analytics endeavors


Available courses for Seeq customers:

One-Day Training


Advanced Site Training

Hands-on introduction to advanced analytics, focusing on an anomaly detection use case and building a shareable report.

Practice the Foundation Analytics Skills that comprise the basis for most advanced data analytics, then share insights through auto-updating reports and dashboards.

Deepen your analytics skills in Seeq Workbench. Topics include identifying complex behaviors and anomalies, calculating more complex boundaries and limits for monitoring, and more.

Who Should Participate:
Process engineers and managers who want to get a feel for what Seeq can do and create worksheets and dashboards in Seeq.

Who Should Participate:
Process engineers and data scientists who are about to start using Seeq or want a general introduction to advanced data analytics.

Who Should Participate:
Process engineers who have started working in Seeq and want to familiarize themselves with the details of Seeq’s advanced functionality using Formula and beyond.

Duration: 4 Hours

Duration: 9 Hours
(3 Hour Sessions Over 3 Days)

Duration: 9 Hours
(3 Hour Sessions Over 3 Days)

Please contact us to request a current schedule of classes and registration instructions.

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