Utilizing TrendMiner’s Advanced Analytics with Swan-Black’s Expertise


Our team is an experienced distributor of TrendMiner’s advanced analytics application.

TrendMiner Advanced Analytics
TrendMiner Advanced Analytics

TrendMiner is a web-based, self-service advanced analytics platform that enables rapid visualization of time-series data for process manufacturers and their assets.

The software provides operations across a multitude of verticals with the ability to analyze, monitor, and predict the performance of batch, grade, and continuous manufacturing processes. Using advanced analytics replaces the time-consuming and manual processes of attaining operational insights that have been slowing down engineering teams for years.

Predict maintenance

Improve product quality

Solve day-to-day production questions

Optimize energy efficiency

Find root causes

Monitor behavior real-time

Our Credentials with TrendMiner

TrendMiner Partner (since 2020)

Our experts implement a seamless transition.

As we become an extension of your internal team, we will make sure that your business’ unique processes, challenges, and goals drive the implementation of TrendMiner’s advanced analytics.

Understand Your Processes

Our first step involves developing a comprehensive understanding of your operation and using this to make decisions on implementing TrendMiner.

Connect to Your Data Sources

All of your assets’ data will be accurately and reliably pulled into the software to quickly lead your team to insights to improve operations.

Continuous Training and Refinement

After initial implementation, our team remains by your side to offer continual support and training, making sure you’re utilizing advanced analytics to their potential.

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Are you ready to learn more about maximizing your operation’s efficiency with TrendMiner?